Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions, Inc.  works with highest level of integrity, responsible business practices, and fairness among stakeholders such as employee, customer, and those applicable laws and regulations.


We strive to be socially responsible in every aspect of our business because everything we do is connecting people which enable individuals to support themselves and their families in a day to day of basic needs.


We are also committed to increasing our awareness to, and resistance to, labor practices that exploit individuals, specially those who are vulnerable.



Quality Policy

"Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions, Inc.  a local service provider of superior workforce based in Philippines strives to work with highest level of integrity and socially responsible in every aspect of our business.


We are committed to:

• Comply with statutory rules and regulations applicable to the company;

• Continually improve the effectiveness of quality systems by providing structure to ensure compliance and reviews of quality objectives and sees to it that it is implemented and maintained for continuing suitability;

• Responsible business practices and fairness among stakeholders of the company.


Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions, Inc. will make sure that this policy statement will be communicated and understood throughout the company, visible to workplace, and available upon request."




Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions, Inc.  representing its employees believes the working environment should at all times be supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of individuals. Achieving this desired environment greatly depends upon the mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding among fellow workers. Attitudes and behavior that undermine this goal are detrimental to all and should not be tolerated. High on the list of unacceptable behavior is sexual harassment, which is deemed unlawful by Republic Act No. 7877, “An Act Declaring Sexual Harassment unlawful in the employment, education or Training environment and for Other Purposes.


Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions, Inc. is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from sexual harassment and all forms of sexual intimidation and exploitation. In keeping with this commitment, we will not tolerate harassment of the company’s employees by anyone, including any of its supervisor, co-worker, vendor, client or customer.


Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions, Inc.  also consider as a violation of its sexual harassment policy relation/reprisal in any way against anyone who has articulated any concern about sexual harassment, whether that concern directly relates to sexual harassment or results to discrimination against the individual raising the concern or against another individual.


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