We understand that each client is unique and has special and different needs. Our flexibility allows us to create an arrangement which incorporates the various aspects of different services.  This in turn allow us to"customize" the service better respond to the client's particular requirement.


RECRUITMENT "Permanent, Temporary, and Contract Recruitment"

Recruitment has always been the most time consuming part in human resources because of various level of skill assessment and analysis to fit the job requirement.  FAMSi takes full responsibility over the entire process of recruitment in a customer oriented manner to provide your company with the right people you need... just when you need them.


FAMSi will help you ease the process of recruitment in order to focus more on business priorities, targets, and programs that your company needs most. 





FAMSi finds the right people just when you need them.  We can provide you full support giving your company the flexibility of manpower staffing as the business demands.


At any level of job requirement, FAMSi is fully flexible to meet your company's expectation by customizing its readily available assessment and evaluation checklist based on customer's evaluation criteria as it deemed necessary.




Training includes the development of the workforce to become not only better organizational manpower but most importantly as better individuals (human beings).


FAMSi provides developmental training to include but not limited to: leadership, awareness to standardization for international organization such as ISO19001, ISO14001, and the likes.




FAMSi also provides consultation to include but not limited to: Environmental Management, Philippine Economic Zone ruling, Accounting, human resource management, and labor relations.




In the event of language translation or interpretation, Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions, Inc. provides an accurate and native translation giving your company an advantage to communicate specially in the Japanese market.




A paralegal service was newly established to assist companies in any labor relation issues. We have person qualified through education, training, or work experience to perform substantive legal work but not exclusively performed by an attorney. We can assist in preparation of required documents but cannot represent the client in court. It is usually practical, convenient, and effective way in resolving issues to give way companies in focusing more on targets and priorities.

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