Team Building by Heart

“It doesn’t take strength to win, it takes the true heart of the team to win (by: Emily Voyle)


Fully Advanced Manpower Solutions Inc.  (FAMSI) held its team building on Feb. 20, 2016 at Forest Eco Resort, Brgy. Puypuy Bay, Laguna.

While being physical in the performance of the activities,   everyone came with lots of ideas to perform wholly as reliable team members and showed willingness to give their combined efforts to win the competition.  But team building does not mean only to compete, with the desire to win and bring home the bacon. We should always remember how important our decision would be, and in what way these decision would contribute for the benefit of all. Team building has enhanced our   leadership skills, it improved our thinking ability, and developed our courage to overcome fear and shown our hidden talents.

As effective team member, we should be responsible on how we interact and communicate with each other.  It is imperative for every team member to have open lines of communication with all team members in order for them to understand and be able to work together.

My participation during the team building was a rare experience as everyone actively participated. (As competition of Team 1 and Team 2 began).   Once more we felt the happiness and the innocence of being young, and the chance to explore things which are sometimes beyond our control, these experiences have brought each of us more closely and everybody experienced the fun spending hours playing as team and sharing the skills.  These experiences we had will help us more competitive but with the guarantee of continuous display of our dedication for the purpose of getting the best quality performance and achieve better understanding of the importance of teamwork.

Effective team member needs a task to complete.  Each member has a role to play. A   role that will result to an output.   By doing this, each member shares what he has accomplished, this makes it a team effort because each member is held accountable and must contribute.  If there are team members who failed to execute their assigned duties, Team Leaders must find out what the problem is.  Offer assistance and see if they might need to re-established connection in a more effective way.

Sometimes, collaboration with another team member will be just what they needed to accomplish and complete their assigned task.  It is also important to maintain effective communication and the team members should be confident in the decisions they make.  As a member of the team, one must always have the team’s best interest at heart. And this what we have experienced during this activity.

To be able to have an effective teamwork, the members must possess and has to agree on common topic, idea, or subject.  Let us remember to work together to reach our common goal or outcome.

In doing group work, we realize that team effort will result to a more effective way of performing together as one.

Of course,  the success of our team  building  would not have been possible  without the valued support  of the whole organization,  especially our Top Management  who truly gave in with the full heart,  we felt your confidence in us,  we felt how important  we are.

Though the team   building is over, our role as effective members of the team will just be starting. Starting, in the sense that we will soon realize the fulfilment of our hopes for the company and we want to go on working together.

Working together as team by heart, we climb up our career ladder together, and we preserve the wonderful experience we had with competitive cooperation.



Lynn G. Dulay









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